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Netted stone

Introduction to Wire-Weaving Workshop

Beginner 2-5 Day Workshop

Can be scheduled to be 2, 3, 4 or 5-days long. Students in this workshop will be introduced to several weaving techniques.  Depending on the length of the workshop students will make three to seven projects.  In the longer, 4 or 5-day classes, students can expect to take their skill level to intermediate level.

Necklace for the Very Beginner, Wire-Weaving Workshop

Beginner 3-hour Workshop

This class introduces the fundamentals of wire-weaving. Students will learn the most basic weave while creating several shapes that can be put together into a fun necklace. Skills learned in this class can be used to create bracelets, necklaces and bails for pendants.

Necklace for the Very Beginner, Wire-Weaving Workshop

Beginner 3-hour Workshop

This class introduces one of the most popular weaves used by many wire artists today.  You will learn the most basic vision of the weave while creating this elegant necklace.  

Wire Weaving Basics

Beginner 6 hour class

This workshop is a comprehensive introduction to wire-weaving techniques. It will start with overview of essential tools and types of wires used in weaving, followed by demonstrations of several weaving methods such as basket weave and over-over weave and their variations. Students will be given time between demos to practice and should leave the class with a number of weaving samplers.

Wing Pendant

Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

Discover the art of free-form wire weaving as you create this unique pendant. The focus in this class will be on working with the delicate silver wire: holding proper tension, uniform spacing, avoiding and removing kinks, and spotting and fixing mistakes.

Basket Full of Gems Pendant

Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

Use simple wire-wrapping and weaving techniques to create this special necklace. Place your small treasures –stones or other small objects – inside the basket of wires to make this a heirloom piece. In this class students will learn simple wire skills and be introduced to basic weaving techniques. The instructor will demonstrate using a butane torch to draw beads on the ends of wires.

Woven Bead Dangle Teardrop Earrings

Beginner 3-4 hour class

Students will be introduced to basic over-over weave and frame wire shaping techniques.  The use of butane torch to draw balls at wire-ends will also be covered.


Tumbled Stone Pendant

Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

This class introduces basic wire-wrapping and wire-weaving techniques.  Students will be shown how to construct a wire cage to hold the stone, how to weave and shape the bail and how to use the wire ends to create woven embellishments. Because of the free-form nature of this project students will be able to customize the pendant to create their own unique designs

Beautiful Scrap Wire Chains

 Beginner 3 hour class

Turn your scrap wire into beautiful chains! Learn to make several different wire shapes that can be joined together to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Students will use various pliers to turn short pieces of wire into 5-6 different links plus a hook clasp. Simple wire forging will also be introduced. Students will create several links of each shape to learn the techniques so that they can easily finish the chains on their own after class.

Netted Stone Pendant

Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

Learn how to encase a stone in a looped wire net while creating this fun pendant.  Students in this class will learn the secrets to making uniform looking and tightly fitting loops that hold the stone securely. 

Teardrop Pendant

Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

This class introduces over-over weave. Students will be given precise instruction as how to create the pendant from start to finish, but will also be encouraged to customize the finishing touches in order to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Wire Color Pencil Pendant

Beginner 6 Hour Class

Merge together two very popular techniques to create this beautiful pendant.  Students will first learn the Color Pencil-on-Copper technique to create the centerpiece and then frame the piece using easy to master wire-weaving skills.Students in this class will focus on learning skills for applying Prismacolor pencil to a cooper plate and basic to intermediate wire weaving techniques.  Demonstrations will cover copper plate preparation, design, and weaving techniques.   


I do this workshop in partnership with Mary Karg.  This workshop might not be available for some locations. 

Chandelier Earrings

Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

Learn several wire techniques as you create these beautiful earrings.  The class will introduce the basic over-over weave and wire shaping methods.  Students will also learn how to bead the ends of wires with a torch.   Most students will complete at least one earring.

Toggle Clasp

Advanced Beginner 3-4 Hour Class

Learn how to make a beautiful, intricately patterned toggle clasp that you can use in your beaded or other designs.  Students will follow step-by-step instructions to create one clasp.  Discussions will include ideas for customizing the size and design to specific needs.

Bead Ring

Advanced Beginner 3 - 4 Hour Class

Expand your wire skills as you discover the art of making wire-woven rings. The class will focus on understanding the basic construction and design of a ring including proper sizing. Students will follow precise instructions to complete the ring.

Woven Ribbon Bracelet

Advanced Beginner 6 Hour Class

Use a combination of wire-weaving and other wire techniques to create this fun bracelet that can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets.  Students will be introduced to the basic weave and its variations. Techniques learned in this class are the basis for creating bracelets of different widths and designs.

Spiral Ring

Advanced Beginner 3 - 4 Hour Class

Explore various weaving patterns as you work on completing this showy ring.  Students will concentrate on skills needed to create uniform weaves and on learning ways of shaping woven ribbons into bump-free graceful curves and bends.  Students will be given step by step instructions for making the ring, and also ideas for customizing the ring.  

Gypsy Earrings

Advanced Beginner 6 Hour Class

Use several intermediate to advanced wire techniques to create these showy earrings.  With an aid of a template students will learn to bend wire to precisely follow a predetermined shape.  Students will also use wire-weaving, wire-wrapping and  simple forging techniques to complete the earrings

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Scrap Wire

The projects listed here can be scheduled as a single stand-alone class or as part of a two-day or longer workshop.  Custom classes geared toward your specific needs can also be designed.  Please contact me if you would like more information on scheduling a workshop for your group or organization.


Workshop Testimonials

The use of large electrical wire to demonstrate the weaves was especially effective.  The handouts are excellent and will be especially useful at home.


Wire Weaving Basics

This was such an awesome class! I love all of the EXTRA effort, supplies, and techniques that were shared in the class. Amazing!


Bead & Button Show

I loved the relaxed atmosphere. The demos were wonderful.  I look forward to taking future classes.

Basic Wire Weaving

The way she used large-scale model props to show the intricate steps was ingenious! She is such an artist and an awesome teacher!


Woven Cabochon Pendant

Excellent class! I'm looking forward to what Kaska dreams up for next year!


Woven Wings Pendant

On a scale of 10, this class was at least a 15!!! I'm so excited--buzzing with ideas. And EVERYONE finished at least one ring!


Woven Bead Ring

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