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Prong-Set Stone Pendant

Advanced 6-7 hour class

In this workshop students will learn to make a wire woven pronged setting for a flat stone.  Instructions will cover how to determine the best prong position, how to measure wire for the right prong height and working with square wire. Students will also learn a blended weave bail design.

Weave & Layer Pendant

Advanced 6-7 hour class

Expand your wire skills as you craft this beautiful pendant.  Students will explore techniques one at a time as they are building the pendant’s frame and the layered bail and securing the cabochon.


Students will explore several styles of weaving and learn ways of layering woven elements to create depth and dimension.   

Layered Band Bracelet

Advanced 6-7 hour class

Learn simple soldering techniques as you build the framework for this dimensional bracelet, then shape and weave the wires to complete the beautifully layered band. 

Students will focus on learning basic soldering skills, on refining wire-weaving and on improving large-gauge wire shaping to make it look smooth and flowing.  

Wire-Wrapped 3-Stone Pendant

Advanced 6-7 Hour Class

Expand your wire skills, as you build this beautifully unique pendant.  The class will focus on learning 3 distinctive techniques for setting three differently shaped stones within the wire wrap. Student will use several weaving, wrapping and coiling techniques to frame the stones. 

Layered Wire-Woven Pendant

Intermediate/Advanced 6-7 Hour Class

Learn several wire-weaving techniques as you craft this graceful free-form pendant.  Students will work on basic to intermediate weaving skills including over-under and over-over weaves as well as hand and tool wire shaping and manipulation techniques.

Students will learn two main weaves.  Focus will be on controlling wire tension and uniform spacing resulting in even and consistent weaves.

Byzantine Ring

Advanced 6-7 Hour Class

Expand and refine your wire skills as you work on this antique-looking statement ring.  Make the base for the stones using simple soldering techniques, then shape and weave the wires to create the intricate design. 


Students will refresh their basic soldering skills, then will focus on learning how to shape and manipulate wires using the open wire frame as a base.  Students will also learn the blended-weave style of waving

Big Ring

Advanced 7-Hour Class

Turn your wire weaving skills up a notch as you design and create this large, fashionable ring.  Students will make the ring’s band and the seat for the stone based on the construction method introduced in class.  After that each student will work on their own unique design to complete the ring. 

Class focus will be on learning ring construction for a large stone as well as developing individual design.

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