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Start enjoying wire weaving with these free tutorials!

Get more free tutorials and support directly from Kaska when you join her Facebook Student Group.  Free membership with purchase of kits, tutorials, & workshop registration.


In this 2-page free, illustrated tutorial, Kaska shows you the over-under weaves or basket weaves with two, three, and four or more wires. 

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Download this free, 2-page illustrated tutorial, and learn basic over-over weaves for two, three, and four or more wires. When you know the basics, Kaska shows you how to make beautiful woven patterns.

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What tools should you choose for wire weaving?


A Note About Tools


Even though in wire weaving we work mostly with our hands, the quality of the few tools that we do use (especially pliers and cutters) is very important. From my observation, the difference between a positive or not-so-positive learning experience often comes down to the tools the student is using. 


  • Your pliers should  have smooth, (not serrated) jaws and small heads.

  • Your wire cutters should be very sharp and also have a small head.  

  • Stay away from hardware store pliers and cutters!

You do not have to buy the most expensive tools. There are a lot of good quality tools that are very reasonably priced. Keep in mind, though, that the better tools are made of higher quality steel and will last a lot longer. They are also usually designed better in terms of ergonomics, which makes them more comfortable to use.


Bottom line: Buy the best tools that you can afford. The most important tools to invest in for wire weaving are a good pair of chain nose pliers and a couple pairs of good wire cutters. 


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